Time is value.
So let top graduates free yours!

We'll find a graduate from top colleges around the world to delegate your tasks to.
Long-term or short-term. No need to hire.
A graduate's commitment costs around $14 per hour,
yet their contribution can free up to 40% of your working hours!
This helps our clients save from $4,000 a month.
How Does A Graduate Solve Your Problems?
We'll find a graduate with competences in the exact area you require. We conduct thorough selection consisting of an assignment and a 3-stage interview based on your needs.
Graduates we pick display the same commitment when completing both challenging and mundane tasks; and they never underestimate the importance of the latter.
These young specialists will be happy to work with you remotely, part-time or full-time. Our graduates adjust to the appropriate time zone and work for businesses from the North America, Europe, Canada and Asia.
All our graduates are fluent English speakers; they often speak French, German, Chinese and other languages, too.
How Does Our Process Work?
Intro Call & Job Intake Call
  • 15-minutes call
  • We confirm your requirements for the job position
  • We create a portrait of the ideal candidate
  • 6-stage screening based on your needs
  • In 10 business days you interview 3 best-fitting candidates

Administrative Support
We deal with all the accounting and payments
Grintern Growth
  • We educate talents on the specifics of working for international companies
  • 10 practical assignments, 10 training lessons
  • 3 times the average churn rate has fallen since the program's launch
Performance Management
After-hiring support & development
  1. Regular performance calls
  2. Coaching services (to improve skills and upgrade)

FROM 2011

Grintern has been helping young specialists—top graduates with impressive degrees—and professional teams find each other.

have found their dream jobs with our help. Our experience enables us to provide top candidates for your needs.

from our graduate pool apply to relevant job opportunities on average.

is all we need to find your superstar. Our selection process involves a test assignment and a 3-stage interview.
Sample Pool Of Potential Duties
  • Ekaterina V.
    Office manager for a B2B law firm that services international companies and venture capital funds. Ekaterina finished an exchange program in business from Baylor University.
    Working at the company where I now work is the best thing that has ever happened to me, thanks to Grintern!
    A super cheerful and open-minded community that is always willing to help; supervisors who are tolerant of your mistakes; and a lovely environment that encourages growth and self-realization in general. I work remotely, as do a large number of our employees, but due to regular corporate events, I feel like a valuable member of the team! We're going on a work trip to Croatia in a few weeks! Every day, we'll go sailing, eat fish with the view of Madulin Harbor, and participate in team-building activities!
  • Silva N.
    Business assistant for a San Francisco-based community platform startup. Silva earned a bachelor's degree in Romance and Germanic Philology from Kuban State University.
    Working with such a professional and friendly team as Grintern has been a great journey! Daria gave me a pep talk right after the screening, which helped me nail the final interview. Once I started working, I've reached out to Daria & Kristina with different requests, asking for additional materials or info changes, and they've always helped me on time.
  • Saltanat T.
    Junior Marketing & Sales Specialist at a company based in Canada. Saltanat is a student of Nazarbayev University, Bachelor's degree in Political science and international relations.
    Once I saw the founder in an interview, I understood that I want to work with them. Working with Grintern is comfortable because they build a very strong bridge between you and the foreign company you are working with. They are always there to help you with every step in your application process, and even after it, your questions will be replied and heard. This job helps me to reach my ultimate goal. And my ultimate goal is to become a marketing expert who can boost any brand within a month. I am not working with Grintern for so long, however, I noticed that Grintern taught me to THINK BIG! Before I was working only with companies in my country, however now I saw that there is nothing impossible, and you can work remotely with the company located in Canada, just sitting at home.
Grintern Growth
We aim to help brilliant startups grow faster with the help of program for aspiring junior employees working remotely.
The juniors who completed our program have proven to adapt quicker and better to the environment of American startups and subsequently grow. Our clients recognize the importance of this program and the benefits it offers to entry-level professionals on their teams, as proven by the fact that the average employee layoff rate for juniors has fallen 3 times since its launch.
"Ask Grintern" sessions
Creating community across time zones and geographical distance.
"Ask Grintern" sessions are a part of the Grintern Growth program, to which we invite inspiring speakers with a range of expertise to teach our talents. Maya Musk's assistant, a venture capitalist working at the intersection of European and American funds, and many more top professionals in their fields are some of the guests.
Here's what the clients have to say about the program:
"Grintern, in my opinion, is a kind of incubator where exceptional specialists are formed. There are young people who are initially driven to work, grow into well-trained employees, and continue to want to learn even after they are hired."
"It's not an easy task (to find responsible motivated independent life-long learners), but I feel that Grintern has expertise in such deals. Also, your Grintern Growth program is great — I really see its impact on the performance of an employee."
What Do Our Talents Think About Grintern Growth?
  • Saniya D.
    Junior analyst at a B2B2C company based in New York
    Actually, the courses that Grintern provided to improve soft skills were so helpful. Thank you a lot! It helped me find ways to communicate more effectively with the team and the manager.
  • Assel O.
    Sales Associate in London-based fintech startip.
    Thank you for "Ask Grintern", it really helps!
  • Elizaveta S.
    Business Assistant at biotech company based in the U.S
    I watched almost all of the "Ask Grintern" recordings; they're great, thank you very much! I especially liked how one of the speakers talked about her career development, and the value of the research skill in achieving her goals. It certainly helped me to look at my soft skill in a new way.
Make remote employee a part of your team
Here is an example of one of the comments we received during a performance review session: "Grintern is a source of motivated junior specialists who are hired and developed further into cool professionals."

Our experience shows that the utmost success comes when you view your new employee as part of your team and not just a virtual assistant; hence, you'll need to treat them as a regular team member—track their progress, give deadlines, and give consistent feedback. Given that, we are positive that Grintern will help your business grow with the assistance of our talents.
Anastasia Sartan
Grintern founder and head of Grintern's California office, Director of Product Science at Snap Inc.
"My international assistants helped me raise investments from Google and Founders Fund, and that's why I founded Grintern"

In 2015, Anastasia founded an AI fashion stylist StyleHacks. In order to build this product, her team had to tag hundreds of thousands of photos, as well as do a million other things: get in touch with countless influencers to obtain rights to these photos; write thousands of cold emails; schedule hundreds of events in her calendar; etc. Anastasia appointed three assistants based in Finland, Germany, and Russia, saving tens of thousands of dollars and hours and ended up pulling investments from Google and the Founders Fund for her business.

That is how Grintern was born: a mediator helping other businesses employ students and graduates remotely from anywhere in the world. Over the following years, Grintern helped nearly 20,000 young specialists join companies ranging from small private businesses to the rising stars of the market such as FridgeNoMore, Cherry Labs, Osome, and others.

Anastasia has been a speaker at Google Startup Grind 2019, Vanity Fair's Founders Fair 2018, MobileBeat by VentureBeat 2017, Facebook F8 2017 developers' conference, and other events.
Our Team
People behind Grintern
  • Anastasia Sartan
    Chief Executive Officer, Founder
  • Kristina Zhdan
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Daria Stranadko
    Head of HR & Recruitment
  • Diana Klishchenko
    Recruitment Specialist
  • Maryia Drahunova
    Recruitment Specialist
  • Tatyana Khrustaleva
    Partnerships & Acquisition Specialist
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